“Sex Addiction”? Recognize Sexually Compulsive Behavior

Today I’m going to talk about sexual compulsion, or “sex addiction”. To begin, I’d like to emphasize that sex addiction is not a term that is officially recognized by the two guidebooks medical professionals use for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders, and so I will place the term in quotations marks. Maybe […]

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Improve Your Sex Life by Regulating Emotions

Learn to Regulate Emotions to Improve Your Sex Life When we try to understand problems in our sex life, many of us don’t think to look beyond physical diagnoses and treatment. But research published in the April 2022 Sexual Medicine Review indicates that a better understanding of how to regulate our emotions can have a […]

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Nude female with her back to the camera, hugging herself

Do Women Have Less Libido Than Men?

It has long been a given that men have a high libido and women have a low libido. How often have you heard, “a woman just doesn’t want sex as much as a man does?”   Psychologist Diane Peregrine from the University of Toronto did not buy into this age-old notion of a “gender gap” […]

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Spice things up in bed.

15 Ways to Increase Sexual Pleasure In and Out of the Bedroom

15 things you may not have thought of to increase sexual pleasure: Communicate honestly about your likes and dislikes during sex…eg. “Honey, that feels a little sensitive, but I love it when you ….” Talk about sex in a neutral environment when you are not naked, having sex or about to have sex, or are […]

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Initiating sex in a predictable way can minimize pleasure.

Predictable When You Initiate Sex?

Predictable when you initiate sex? You just very well may be. Do you think what worked for you when you first started dating works just as well years later? You may be turning your partner off before you even get started. We may have been together for years, and yet we often shy away from […]

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