About Me

Glenda Maier

Sex Therapy * / Couples Therapy * / Psychological Counseling

BS Communication, Psychology; VfP Certified Psychological Counselor (442 hrs/84 hrs supervision) and Paracelsus Certified Sexuality Counselor (40 hrs), Hypnotherapist (160 hrs/50 hrs supervision), Advanced Hypnoenergetics;  Certificates received in seminars on couples therapy;  Gottman Method Couples Therapy (L1), and sexual disorders; Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment; The Buehler Institute; Mind Body Training Institute, Dr. Joe Kort; Esther Perel Sessions Seminars; et al.

Member of ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine), VfP (Association of Free Psychotherapists, Healing Practitioners for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselors e.V.)

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My Beginning

I am a cisgender, heterosexual woman and the oldest child of four. My father served in the Vietnam conflict and my mother was one of countless deported with her family from eastern Europe during the end of World War 2. By the time my father was 25 and my mother was 22, they already had three children, and by the time I was in my late twenties I had moved over 19 times, lived through emotional neglect, physical, sexual, and mental abuse. Had I not experienced this pain, I would be able to impart my clients with quite a bit of academic knowledge, but I would probably not have a true grasp of the reality of human suffering and how debilitating that pain can be. This was the onset of my beginning the bumpy and erratic road to healing. Me finding out about me.


My Intuition

I never took what happened to me personally. I knew that good people could commit bad acts, and that this did not make them “bad.” I was the safe space for my friends to come to and tell their stories, knowing I would not judge.  In time, I learned to listen to my inner guidance system again. I did breath work, self talk, self soothing and meditation work before I learned about it in books. I worked on self-acceptance, setting boundaries, and much more.


Knowledge is for Sharing

I wanted to help other people with what I had learned for myself, and so I went on to attend various institutions to further my education. The human body, mind and spirit are an endless source of curiosity for me, and because we humans are so complex and diverse, my learning process hasn’t ended with my degrees and certificates, but continues to evolve.



And so I went on to have beautiful relationships. I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful young men, who have helped me close the circle to old ancestral wounds. We can all heal. We can begin to accept ourselves, understand our needs, and learn to clearly state them. We can all create relationships in which we feel safe to grow and to be our true selves. Having integrated my own past traumatic life experiences, I want to inspire others toward authenticity, freedom, and inner joy.


My Passion and Purpose

My passion lies in helping you transform any outdated beliefs you may have about your sexuality, yourself and your interaction with others. I consider it a privilege to hear your stories and to help you create new life patterns that serve you better. Selecting a counselor or therapist is an important decision, and I feel profound gratitude that I am allowed to accompany you on this journey of transformation.Less